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Welcome 2023

I'm not sure about everybody else but every new year for me seems to mark a new start, a blank page to fill with wonderful things. Only problem is as I sit staring at this blank page I get writers block. What should I do this year?

Well without a solid plan the only thing I know is that by this time next year I'll look back and wonder how I fitted everything in.

One plan I do have is to revamp some of my business, every now and then I take a good look at it and imaging where I should go next, what to keep, loose and what to introduce. we live in a fast moving world and we all have to keep up with the latest ideas. So that's my January and before I know we'll be into February and spring will be on it's way.

Of course the end of a year and beginning of a new one also makes me look back at the last year.

Last year like many before it has been filled with meeting some wonderful people both in Portraits and Weddings.

It really is a fabulous job, I love meeting people and learning many things about their lives. Been part of creating memories for everyone concerned to cherish for ever is quite the honour. The power of a photograph to recall a memory is amazing. I know that when I look at a photograph old or new the memory's come flooding back. I often look through photographs of portrait and weddings, some from several years ago, and it's as if I was there yesterday, and these aren't even photos of my family but of someone that was a stranger before the day yet now imprinted in my memory forever.

This is why I love photography and especially Portraits and Weddings. Whether a snap shot or a professionally taken portrait a photograph Is a window to the past and to be cherished not only for our life time but for ever, this way we truly can be immortal or at least our image can be.

This is the oldest photo I have of a family member. She was born in 1820 so looking at her I guess this was taken about 1860-70. I just love the fact I can still see her, what she looked like and how she dressed and wore her hair.

More recently we celebrated my mum's 90th birthday, wonderful to share this day but a moment in time now captured for us all to treasure.


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