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Love is in the air

Another new year and for many this will be the year of love. This year could be the year when you meet the love of your life and if your one of the lucky ones, what a exciting year this will be for you. For many others the new year brings an engagement, new year is traditionally a time for many men to get on one knee and say those four little words 'Will you marry me'. Of course this year it's a leap year so maybe you girls might do the asking.

If your already engaged then wedding plans may be in full swing, this could be your wedding year, a year of plans, excitement, nerves and parties.

Maybe your new love is the arrival of a new baby, there's no truer love than parental love, to each other you are the whole world from the first moment you hold your baby it's hard to remember a world before them.

Love can be life long, I'm lucky to have parents who have been married for 69 years, they've been together most of their lives something which I think is beautiful.

Regardless of where you are on the love chart, photographers have been recording these precious days almost as long as photography has been with us. Nothing can replace the images that a professional photographer can capture whether is a valentines or engagement portrait, Wedding photos, celebrating a new born baby or having a party to record an anniversary.


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