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Today you've seen more images before lunch, than someone from 19th Century saw in their lifetime

If you use your smart phone, tablet or computer as much as the average person, you will have seen and processed more images before lunch, than someone from the nineteenth century would have seen in their lifetime.

From the first photograph taken in 1826 the numbers of photographs or images been taken has increased and increased until it is estimated that 3.5 trillion photographs have been taken since that first photograph back in 1826. What's more remarkable is that 10% of those 3.5 trillion photos were taken last year, that's 350 billion or if you like, every two minutes Humanity takes more photos than all the photos taken through the 19th Century.

So with all those images, how many do we really cherish? Does the sheer quantity mean that we don’t appreciate the importance of the content and therefore we don’t print anything anymore? How long will it be before your phone or tablet dies or gets lost only for you realise that you have no copies of the images on them.

I’m not suggesting that we all rush out and print every photo that we take. I’d just like you to think about printing the good ones, the ones that give you joy when you look at them, the ones that hold memories, memories that you can’t recapture.

When was the last time you got your albums out of last years photos, it’s more likely to be the old photos, old photos that bring back such strong memories that you laugh about and share with friends and family. Trouble is that when our children sit down with their children unless you print them you can’t guarantee they have anything to share with their children from today.

I'm lucky, I take photographs for a living, I love making memories for my customers, from the hundreds of weddings I've had the pleasure to share, from the thousands of bumps, babies I've photographed and the families I've laughed with. I hope long after I'm gone people will still look and enjoy the thousands for photographs I've taken in my life. I hope in the many more years to come that I can create a memory for you too. A photograph to keep a memory to cherish forever.

Capturing the moment on your wedding day

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