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Bringing the past back to life

Obviously as a photographer I'm obsessed with photos, I love them, I love looking at them and I get as much enjoyment out of seeing someone's holiday photos as I do classic photos from the mater photographers past and present. But I admit that I really love looking at old photos. For some reason I'm fascinated by them, i just think they're amazing. I think it's all about that one instance in time that's been preserved for ever. Preserved for me to now be looking it, looking into a moment in time. It doesn't matter whether it's a professional photograph of one of my ancestors or a holiday snap taken by my grandad, they're all the same, a moment in time that i can see and wonder what life was like, sometimes I wonder why the photo was taken, was it a special occasion or just an opportunistic moment that someone had a camera at that point in time, right place, right time.

I have a lot of old photos from my family, some of which date back all the way to the 1880's. With such precious photos of my families past I like to preserve them as best I can. I've scanned quite a lot of them and some which are extra special I've retouched. I now have copies of them which I've shared copies with the rest of the family, ensuring that "God forbid" the worst did happen there are several copies out there.

I provide a service to help others capture and persevere their memories. I scan the old photos and retouch them, then either provide a new print or a digital copy.

If you'd like an old photo retouched and preserved for future generations to enjoy please contact me or take a look at the retouching services


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