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Weddings on a budget

In my time as a wedding photographer weddings have always been an expensive affair and why not, after all we only do it once. For many the idea of a big lavish wedding day can't be further away from what they want or can afford, for many, a small quiet wedding, no fuss is like heaven. For others it could be second time around or even just a budget thing.

Whatever the reason a small quiet wedding can be the perfect fit. I provide a small wedding package just for that reason. I attend the wedding and take all the important photos that you need. I'm there for the ceremony and about an hour after. We stay in just the one location so we can speed things up giving you the rest of the day to enjoy yourselves. I call this package my wedding portrait as it's more like a portrait sitting than a wedding, just a bit more dressed up. The cost is also similar to a portrait sitting costing just £395 for a usb with all the images on it.

Of course I can do more involved wedding photography, In fact I have a package to suit most, whether it's a small or large wedding, whether you just want a few photos taken or the whole day. I can provide images in a digital form or in a beautiful album.

For more information take a look at my wedding packages


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