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Free Pre Wedding Shoots

Along with my Wedding Photography, I offer a free pre wedding shoot and a free 10 x 8 print.

I do this, not only as a thank you for booking their wedding photography with me, but as a golden opportunity to get to know you, my wedding couple, better. What way to really understand someone than spending an hour or two in their company. I get a chance to discuss what they'd like from their wedding day. I also get to photograph them, which gives me an understanding on how they are in front of the camera, whether they're relaxed and confident or nervous and uncomfortable. It give them a chance to experience being in front of the camera and get to know me. All in all it's makes for better more relaxed photographs on their wedding day.

I know how hard it to choose a photographer to photograph your wedding so I offer a free engagement portrait to try me out before they book. If you'd like a free engagement portrait call me or simply send me a message.


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