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Back to Normal Weddings In Hull

It seems an awfully long time since I’ve done a full blown wedding, by which I mean the whole day including brides preparations in the morning, the ceremony, group shots and the evening celebrations. It seems a very strange thing to photograph people dancing it’s been so long. But I feel we are getting closer. The lifting of limited numbers at weddings brings us tantalising close to normality. There’s hope in the air as I’m getting more enquires and bookings for larger weddings with the evening celebrations and by next year hopefully every wedding will be a normal wedding with no restrictions.

In the meantime I really enjoying getting back out there and photographing some of the smaller weddings that have moved from last year. It so lovely to see happy couples get married after moving their wedding not once but in some cases several times.

Finally the one thing I’m really looking forward to is no mask wearing!

Beautiful wedding in Beverley  at Beverley registry office wedding in East Yorkshire. This wedding Photo was taken on Beverley Westwood by professional wedding photographer Ian Spencer of Hessle, Hull.
Beverley Westwood Wedding


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