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Wedding memories for another year

I’ve been a professional photographer in Hull, Beverley and East Yorkshire for many years, photographing Hundreds if not thousands of wedding in the Hull and Beverley area. After a busy summer shooting weddings and a busy Christmas photographing lots of families and babies finally I find a little time to sit down and reflect on the wonderful weddings I had the pleasure to photograph last year. Even when I find myself at the same venue time and time again I’m always surprised how each wedding is unique, each one has it’s own personal stamp of the couples who’s wedding it is. This makes it easy to enjoy and find myself taking totally different shots to the last wedding I did there.

Last year my weddings varied massively, from small wedding at a registry office in Beverley or Pocklington to larger country house weddings, each one special in its own way.

Going through all the images brought back memories of each day as if it was yesterday. I sat smiling at the screen as I scrolled through the thousands of images, remember the funny things said or done or the touching moments between two people hopelessly in love with each other. The photographs that I take capture the day so that in the years to come couples can look back and remember like I do the day that was and still is so special to them.

Soon the wedding season will be back in full flow and I find it exciting to think ahead to the wonderful people I’ll meet and the Images I’ll capture for them.


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