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Happy To Be Open Again

Like just about everyone in the world, the last fifteen months has been an exceptional period that I won’t forget but I will be glad to put behind me for good. I feel hopeful that with mass vaccinations and the promise of relaxing the restrictions next month we can all start leading a “new” normal life.

Like many businesses Photography has been hit hard especially the weddings, many of my wedding have not just move their wedding day once but in one case they have moved their wedding five times. Even now I feel a little uncertain that we will not have a normal pre covid style wedding for a long time.

Still, I’m happy to be open again and have really enjoyed taking family portraits both on location and in the studio. Most of all It’s being lovely to take baby photos again, something I’ve always enjoyed.

For me there’s nothing better than photographing an adorable tiny baby full of smiles. The only disappointment is that I can’t get my baby cuddles, something I’m looking forward to when I can.

From this point onwards I’m looking forward to taking more portraits and weddings in Hessle and East Yorkshire, my only hope is that we start to have some summer weather in which to enjoy them.

My Hessle portrait studio is fully open so if any of you out there would like a family portrait to celebrate the end of restrictions then give me a call on 07746025293 or send me a message.


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