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25th year in business

Today is a very special day for me. 24 years ago today I opened my studio door for the first time in Driffield.

I remember the mixture of feeling excited and nervousness. Excited about my new venture and the realisation of opening my own photography studio. Nervousness of the unknown, will anyone come in, will they like my work and will they book me. These worries quickly went as the wonderful folk of Driffield came in and used my services, many of which still use me and have become good friends.

As for what the future will hold for me as I begin my 25th year, well, the world of has changed beyond recognition. Film is sadly gone for good in my world and Digital is here to stay. The good thing is that although Portraiture and Wedding photography has changed the principles of what makes a good photograph remain the same. Fashions and styles will always come and go you just have to keep moving with the times.

Here’s to my 25th year and beyond.

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