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Passionate about Wedding Photography

As a Hull & Beverley Wedding photographer I find that the wedding season is upon us once again, which makes me start thinking about all the weddings I've taken over the years and how much things have changed. My first wedding, many years ago, I only shot 144 images or as it was then, negatives. I recall the anxious wait to see the films, to see if they were ok, then sorting them out to give my customer the huge choice of 90 images. Laughable now when you consider that I’d take that number of Wedding photos at the bride’s house. I do miss the days of negatives, the days when you had to be disciplined about each image that you shot, the days that you had to make sure that everything was right in the frame and each one counted. The Albums too have changed, twenty four 8 x 8 prints was pretty much standard back then, sometimes you’d put two a page just to be different. Today I’d shoot about 1500 images. I’d aim to show my couple about 1000 images, most of the ones left been duplicates of groups. I still aim to get things right in the frame out of habit but it is nice to know that you can always sort things out if you missed something. Albums are now Story book style which I love. You can be so much more creative now with your layouts and presentation.

The day is great fun, Digital certainly gives you the freedom to shoot without constrains, Shooting everything from the smallest detail of shoes to the first dance, as well as been able to capture candid shots of the couple and their guest. Each wedding is great weather it’s large or small, weather it’s local to Hull or further away.

Been a Local Wedding photographer is a great job if indeed you can call it a job. And I hope that I’ll be a Hull & Beverley Wedding photographer for many more years to come, ready to embrace any new technologies that may come along.

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