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Baby photography - The first year

It’s the most exciting time of your life and you want to remember every special moment of your baby’s first year … their first smile, sitting up looking pleased with themselves, right through to their first steps.

But time passes so quickly… you’ve probably already taken lots of photos of your new arrival, but there is nothing quite like having a professional photographer capture this special time.

As a professional photographer I have gained a wealth of experience to give me the skills to capture those magic moments. Baby photography has always been a favourite part of my work. I never get tired of meeting fresh new babies, getting cuddles and seeing a smiley face looking back up at me. Over the years I must have taken thousands of baby portraits, many of which I’ve photographed as they’ve grown up through the years and a few where I’ve gone on to do their Wedding photography and then their babies. To share someone’s lifetime in photographs is truly wonderful, and to think it all started with that first baby portrait in Beverley.

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