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A New Year A New Start

Funny how every year we all say to ourselves that THIS year is going to be different! That maybe so but how many of us really change anything. Yes we might keep of the booze or go to the gym for week or even a month but by the end of the year it's just the same, all our good intentions are just that good intentions.

Well I beleave that we shouldn't need "a new year" to change things. We can change something at any time, even right now, after all why wait.

A few months ago, actually last February Vicki (my wife) and I decided to do something about our life's. We felt it was about time to change the business, to shake things up a bit, a lot!

The decision was made, we were to sell our beautiful home, and move to a new location not too far away and move our business to home. A mammoth task by any means but more so as the house needed to be completely renovated including a new kitchen extension and we need to build a studio. It was always going to take time and although the plan has been implemented we we're still a few months of completion.

It's an exciting time of our life's which when finished will not just change our life's but improve the business. You, our customers will be able to park off road out side making it easier to get to us. Our studio will be in our garden which can be used as a garden studio giving us another option when photographing families, children or even dogs.

So it looks like 2017 will be a New start for Ian Spencer Photography, A new journey, one which I hope you'll share with us. As the time get closer to finishing I'll post some images of what we've achieved and what we still need to do.

I wish you all the best of new years let all of us make it our best one.

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