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About Me

Photography wasn't in my mind when I was growing up, in fact given the choice I always wanted to be a vet. Having a love of animals all my life it would've been the obvious thing to do. However my other love as a child was art, something that came naturally to me and would take me to in the direction of Art collage, and to find Photography, in particular photographing people. Portrait  & Wedding Photography has been apart of my life ever since. I started my professional career in Hessle and 36 years later I find myself back. 2019 saw us move from Beverley to a home studio in Hessle. 

My early working life was in the photographic darkrooms, learning all the skills of  working with enlargers and printing prints 18ft wide. The close contact with the profession photographers taught me many photographic techniques helping me become a profession photographer. I loved my time at Hessle but after 10 years I needed to stretch my wings and made the move to Driffield to set up my own studio. A place I  feel a great connection to and had some fabulous years there. In 2000 a move to Beverley was on the cards, which is where I've been for the last 21 years, As times charge we all must chage with it so 2019 was the time to move to a home studio, this time I've gone full circle and I'm now back in Hessle where it all started. My love of photographing people is still as strong now as it's ever been. I look forward to photographing many more people, maybe the next one will be you..... 

Contact Me

106 First Lane, Hessle,

East Yorkshire, HU13 9DY


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